Can YOU Out Exercise A Bad Diet?

Big ol' pile of potatoes with grass fed butter and sour cream. Yummy!


Can you out exercise a bad diet? Well I say YES YOU CAN! By the way, who says you can’t out exercise a bad diet? Seriously, who said it? What did they know? Where do they prove this? Where did they get there information or even the idea of this “theory”? Life has proven to me that people will believe almost anything. Apparently this is an easy one for most people to bite in to because almost no one seems to challenge it. Well I am gonna tear it apart [Read more…]

Welcome to 19th Century Alpha

Welcome to 19th Century Alpha. It is time to share the vision of a few with the many. Almost everyone you know are soft, weak, unfocused, and generally lost. I find this fact unacceptable. I will leave you with this thought for now. If your great grandparents were moral, ethical, balanced, strong people, then chances are, they were the original 19th Century Alphas.