I Train Hard Because I Enjoy It!



I train hard because I enjoy it. It makes me happy. I would say that a good majority of the people I know think I’m completely out of my mind. This is not a loose guesstimate. People tell me this on a regular basis. They don’t understand the connection I have with heavy iron. This doesn’t even touch the rest of [Read more…]

Are You Gonna Quit Or Dig Yourself Out Of The Rubble?

Sometimes life gets rough with you. What are you going to do about it? How will you react and respond when you get that metaphorical kick in the teeth? Are you going to lay down and cry about it or are you going to kick back harder? I made a conscious decision a short time back to write and publish a new article or video every two weeks. [Read more…]

Inappropriate Politically Correctness

Tiny dogs can be very dangerous

Tiny dogs can be very dangerous

This politically correct world makes me crazy!

Does all this political correctness make you crazy? It most definitely makes me crazy. Okay, I admit, I allow it to make me crazy. It is a button for me. I try and ignore it, but it really is a button. I don’t know where political correct originated and I don’t care. For the sake of this article I am going to broaden the phrase to socially correct. This is an absolutely absurd topic. Here’s my angle. It’s just one more way that modern day pop culture controls the thoughts and actions of people who can’t, or more to the point, won’t think for [Read more…]

The Ins And Outs Of 19th Century Alpha Strength Training

cageToday I am going to define for you what strength training is at 19th Century Alpha. I will cover and discuss what I do as well as what I don’t do and why, without going all science on you. I am going to share with you how, when, and why I got started strength training. I will also give you the nutshell version of the journey that has spun me and several close friends, full circle many times, on the road to understanding the truth.

As far back as my memories will take me, I have always been interested in strength and building muscle. Who remembers Dr. Bruce [Read more…]

Overcoming Adversity

Gravely AcidentOvercoming adversity is the only real option you have!

     I want to talk a little bit about pushing through adversity. Accidents happen. Life gets tough. You can use whatever example works for you. The only thing that really matters is how you choose to deal with it. Sadly, there are probably more people in this world modern day that would rather wine about it on Facebook than push through it or work around whatever it is that knocked them down. Hey, if you’re a talker then let it out. I’m not telling you to keep your [Read more…]

Can YOU Out Exercise A Bad Diet?

Big ol' pile of potatoes with grass fed butter and sour cream. Yummy!


Can you out exercise a bad diet? Well I say YES YOU CAN! By the way, who says you can’t out exercise a bad diet? Seriously, who said it? What did they know? Where do they prove this? Where did they get there information or even the idea of this “theory”? Life has proven to me that people will believe almost anything. Apparently this is an easy one for most people to bite in to because almost no one seems to challenge it. Well I am gonna tear it apart [Read more…]

Your Handshake Can Say A Lot If You Make It

Shaking judge Rob Grisham's hand after 2012 Napf Championships

Gold Medal Handshake

Your handshake says more to people than you may realize. Your handshake carries a lot of weight in business ventures. It also lets people know if you are serious, awake and alert, and have a genuine interest in whatever is on the table. Let’s not leave out that your handshake can be a valid reassurance of your thanks and appreciation. In a nutshell, your handshake is a direct reflection of you.

     It can be your make or break moment of a first impression. Think about it. You walk in to a meeting with one or more new contacts, potential business partners or whatever fits the bill in your line of business. You pick. Maybe there is a go between that takes care of the introductions and all you have to do is give a nod, a “nice to meet you” and, throw out your handshake. I personally feel I am held back in those moments. Hopefully you get the opportunity to introduce yourself. Given the opportunity, I prefer to take the initiative, advance my opponent or future cohort, and make my own introduction closing the deal with a strong handshake. [Read more…]

Walk Your Walk

smorr14It’s extremely easy to go through life spewing spineless, hollow opinions and viewpoints to the world. You know what I mean. We see it everyday. I could give examples all day. Let’s generically call it not walking the walk. Maybe I’m talking about you. Maybe not, but you definitely know someone like this. My guess is that many if not most of the people you deal with on a daily basis have a tendency to fail A LOT at living up to the words that fall out of their mouths. That’s the modern day world we live in. More yap than action seems to be a common denominator among humans today. [Read more…]

Welcome to 19th Century Alpha

Welcome to 19th Century Alpha. It is time to share the vision of a few with the many. Almost everyone you know are soft, weak, unfocused, and generally lost. I find this fact unacceptable. I will leave you with this thought for now. If your great grandparents were moral, ethical, balanced, strong people, then chances are, they were the original 19th Century Alphas.