Walk Your Walk

smorr14It’s extremely easy to go through life spewing spineless, hollow opinions and viewpoints to the world. You know what I mean. We see it everyday. I could give examples all day. Let’s generically call it not walking the walk. Maybe I’m talking about you. Maybe not, but you definitely know someone like this. My guess is that many if not most of the people you deal with on a daily basis have a tendency to fail A LOT at living up to the words that fall out of their mouths. That’s the modern day world we live in. More yap than action seems to be a common denominator among humans today. [Read more…]

Welcome to 19th Century Alpha

Welcome to 19th Century Alpha. It is time to share the vision of a few with the many. Almost everyone you know are soft, weak, unfocused, and generally lost. I find this fact unacceptable. I will leave you with this thought for now. If your great grandparents were moral, ethical, balanced, strong people, then chances are, they were the original 19th Century Alphas.