I Train Hard Because I Enjoy It!



I train hard because I enjoy it. It makes me happy. I would say that a good majority of the people I know think I’m completely out of my mind. This is not a loose guesstimate. People tell me this on a regular basis. They don’t understand the connection I have with heavy iron. This doesn’t even touch the rest of my awesome/crazy life. That’s more like a book than an article anyway. Just my training style alone is enough to hold my crazy image. That is okay with me. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I don’t train for anyone else. I train for me. I suppose when I think about it, I’m quite glad it doesn’t bother me. That in itself would imply a fairly substantial character imbalance on my part. I’m sure my wife would say I have enough “isms” in other areas of my life, so we’d better keep my training in a safe box.

Where my training is concerned, I keep myself pushed deep in a corner. I am not a cross fitter. I don’t practice strong man lifts. You certainly won’t catch me working out to a P90x video! I don’t enjoy much in the way of “out of the box” strength training techniques. I work the same exercises every week over and over and over again as heavy as I can within the guidelines of my programming. I periodically change up the accessory exercises but not much and not often. I really enjoy heavy barbell and heavy dumbbell work, and I’m a firm pusher of the “sprint til yer eyes bleed” way of thinking. This is what makes me happy! That’s why I do it my way. It brings me positive results. I am much stronger and more muscular today than I was ten years ago. The me of twenty years ago is a complete joke comparatively. That punk kid would see me today at 42 and say something like, “Dude, that guy is frickin jacked! If I could be half that big, I’d be totally satisfied and probably just coast from there!” Well he’d be wrong. That kid didn’t realize how much he would truly come to love the “training” itself. It is simply a part of who I am today and once again, it makes me very happy! Locked in my little box I will stay.

I have an angle to this article. I haven’t published anything recently due to the incredible amount of work that has come my way this spring and summer in another business that I own/operate. That’s not an excuse. It has been my choice. I have made a conscious decision recently to enjoy more of my life and fight through it less. I demand a certain amount of sleep of myself every night. With the heavy work load and my training, that hasn’t left too much extra time to for me to write. Let’s not forget the major home remodel we are also undertaking presently.

Here’s the back story. A little over six months ago my step dad died. Gene had been around since I was 15 years old. Yes, he was labeled step dad, but he was one of my parents! He was my fishing buddy and my car show buddy and I will miss him always. He was a very important part of our family. He was a great man. He had a heart attack and died unexpectedly. Gene and my mother lived in the great state of Missouri but wintered in Florida. This past November my mom, wife, and myself tried to get him to stay in town longer and have Thanksgiving with us. Gene wouldn’t do it. I told him he was a putz but he wouldn’t budge. Once it started getting cold he was outa here every year. We tried everything but just couldn’t get him to stay. I believe that Gene knew his days were numbered. Because of this, Gene did what made him happy. He went where he was warm. Can you blame him? ¬†Of course not. Let’s not forget that he was a medical miracle in itself. He received a donor liver twenty years ago. This was the main reason for his coldness. Too much medication was slowly destroying him yet keeping him alive as well.

Like I already said, Gene went when he was ready ignoring our coaxing. I wish he would’ve stayed for Thanksgiving for my sake, but I’m glad he didn’t for his. Gene was completely kind hearted but knew how to say no. He lived happy by choice every single day. The reason for publishing this article today is because it would have been Gene’s birthday today. It’s a lesser world without Gene in it. Today will not go down in history as the greatest day ever, but it will not go down as the worst either partly due to the lessons learned form the late great Eugene Jaimerson!

Here is my simple point. I try and enjoy everything I do in life recently more than ever. Fighting through life will still get you one day closer to death, but down a much rougher road. For the love of whatever it is that makes you tick, PUSH HARDER at it and enjoy every ounce of effort and time it takes you to get there.



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