Inappropriate Politically Correctness

Tiny dogs can be very dangerous

Tiny dogs can be very dangerous

This politically correct world makes me crazy!

Does all this political correctness make you crazy? It most definitely makes me crazy. Okay, I admit, I allow it to make me crazy. It is a button for me. I try and ignore it, but it really is a button. I don’t know where political correct originated and I don’t care. For the sake of this article I am going to broaden the phrase to socially correct. This is an absolutely absurd topic. Here’s my angle. It’s just one more way that modern day pop culture controls the thoughts and actions of people who can’t, or more to the point, won’t think for themselves. Think about that for a minute. Have you ever noticed that some people get so wrapped up in their little socially appropriate worlds that they fail to take care of the people and things in their lives that actually matter?

How many daily issues, that we all encounter every day, do you deal with in a way that leave you feeling a little less than content? Break that down even more. How many times do you answer yes to a favor that you really don’t want to do just so you don’t look or feel like a jerk? My bet is more than you might actually admit. Don’t take me the wrong way here. There is nothing wrong with helping others. Many times it’s simply the right thing to do, but not because you feel guilty. Certainly not because modern day social protocol says you should. If you choose to help someone it should be because you want to and that’s the only reason. When I say helping others, I mean helping people that truly need your help. Humans can be very lazy. Helping lazy people only gives them the tools to become lazier. Such actions also help build a tougher road for the future of us all while taking valuable time away from what really matters.

I highly recommend learning to use the word no. It’s a misunderstood word. It doesn’t mean you don’t care. It doesn’t make you a bad person to control your own destiny and time with your family and close friends. It simply means that you are capable of making your own decisions instead of blindly following along with the herd. Using the word no will definitely make you unpopular with the socially correct club. Not wanting to share in your neighbors every idea and daily issues is your business. How many people do you know modern day that have extra free time on a regular basis? My guess is not too many. There are two very real possibilities here. The first probable reason is that they are caught up in an unnecessary amount of social nonsense. Most of which they don’t really want to be involved in but are too polite, or socially correct, to say no. The second possibility is that some people are focused on truly enjoying this life we are gifted with. They know how to say no and they do it. Thus granting themselves all kinds of free time to spend with their families and close friends. You don’t see too much of these people because they don’t want you to. Yes, yes, I know, there is one more modern day real possibility at hand. We all know people who constantly complain about not having enough time to get anything done because their work and kids take up all of their time. News flash, no one should ever feel bad for these people at all. This lifestyle is a direct reflection of personal choices. If your job runs you ragged, quit, get another job or go work for yourself. I say go work for yourself. It’s a better life. I highly recommend it. If your kids control your every move then quit letting them. You are supposed to be the adult. Who’s really in charge? Remember that awesome word no? It works with kids too.

This doesn’t work for everyone. Some people just seem to thrive on the drama that superficial social and political correctness bring to the table. I don’t understand it. This drama comes in all topics from politics to religion to just about anything you can dream up. Here is an odd one that happened recently. It sticks in my memory due to the over the top nonsense of it. My wife and I were looking for a piece of property to buy. We had a great realtor in the past, but he was unable to help us with this deal. Due to my scenario, I asked someone I knew if they had a good realtor and they did. “Sweet, shoot me their name and number,” I said. They refused to give me the contact information stating that we were just going to waste the realtor’s time. Social correctness at its best. For any of you that don’t know, the main way a realtor makes money is by showing people properties that interest them. All the over head is on the realtor until they close the deal. If they don’t close the deal, they don’t get paid. We ended up making a purchase through a different agent, so all this person did was keep that realtor from getting paid. They thought they were protecting them, but in reality they were just acting with perfect political, social correctness, or were they?

I could write an entire book on this subject. I feel it is one of the greatest contributors to the weak minded, soft society we are becoming more every day. Our great grandparents would be embarrassed and dissappointed. When you visit with an elderly person today they often come across as cold hearted depending the subject. They probably aren’t cold hearted at all. They speak the truth. They have no reason to candy coat it. They came from a different world than we live in today. That is not how they were raised. It’s not what they believe is right because it’s not. Fake faces and words don’t make us stronger as people. Social and political correctness are lies. They are weak. They breed weak people. Truth makes you strong. Whether you are speaking it or receiving it from someone else, the truth is real.

Make a direct point to avoid superficial, socially correct thinking even for one week and I’ll bet you start to see things differently. Focus on being completely truthful in everything you do and say. I did not say hurtful. I said truthful. Remember that. Avoid all the fake truths that come your way in the form of political and social correctness. Try both of those for a week and I guarantee you will begin to see things differently. You will also find more time to take care of the only ones that truly matter.

My wife has told me for years that I am not the planet police. The verdict is still out. While we wait to see if I get to be King, I have more time to focus on making me a better me. It also gives me more time to  spend with her instead of worrying about what the rest of the world is up to. A stronger more truthful me is always a better me. Truth is the 19th Century Alpha way! It always has been and it always will be. In closing, when your friend, family member, co worker, or neighbor asks you to dog sit for them, truthfully tell them no! Even tiny dogs can be very dangerous! You’ll probably thank me later.













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    I was going to leave a message about your recent rant but instead I say, No I’m not going to!!! Just because I can.

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