Overcoming Adversity

Gravely AcidentOvercoming adversity is the only real option you have!

     I want to talk a little bit about pushing through adversity. Accidents happen. Life gets tough. You can use whatever example works for you. The only thing that really matters is how you choose to deal with it. Sadly, there are probably more people in this world modern day that would rather wine about it on Facebook than push through it or work around whatever it is that knocked them down. Hey, if you’re a talker then let it out. I’m not telling you to keep your trap shut at all. Anybody that knows me well can tell you that I’ve got all kinds of stuff to say. Odds are, more than you want to listen to.  It’s what else you do that matters. Get Back Up No Matter What! It doesn’t matter how bad it hurts. It just matters that you rise, deal, adjust, and move on. There is no way that I can be knocked down hard enough to stay down. I will always get back up if for only one reason. It hurts me way worse to think that I could have quit. Call it pride, ego, or whatever. That’s just who I am. Simply put, I really don’t like to lose, especially against myself.

Here is what spurred this thought “this time”. Yesterday the wife and I headed out to the wooded section of our property with a pair of loppers, a can of marking paint, and my Gravely 53″ cut commercial walk behind mower. It’s a bad dude. It weighs somewhere in the 300-350 pound range. The goal was to cut a nice singletrack bike trail through the woods hopefully about one mile in length. We got after it and worked hard all day. When we came to good log crossings I would disengage the blades, let the mower pull itself up on the log and then wrestle it over the rest of the way. These logs were mostly about 12-14 inches in diameter. At about 4 o’clock in the afternoon the wife has just about topped off her work capacity limit. We agree to cut in another 150 feet of trail. We came to another good size log to cross and I proceed to climb it with the mower. This time it went a little different, unfortunately for this guy. As I convinced it to roll over the log, somehow I got my right foot under the back part of the 3/16th vertical steel frame plating, and the entire weight of the mower slammed down across my foot. It did not roll onto my foot. It fell and landed on it. It hit in a perfect contact with the main joint of my big toe and on down the line. Let me remind you that it weighs about 300-350 pounds. People that know me well know that my mouth is pretty clean but I admit that I threw out a big ol’ “F bomb” when that mower landed on my foot. I wasn’t sure if my toes were still attached at first, but they are. All is good. My big toe is definitely broken. I don’t go to the doctor unless there is bone sticking out unless it’s a chiropractor. I will wait a week and let my chiro put it all back together.

My initial thought was, I’m probably out of lower body work for a couple of weeks at least. Like I said earlier though, that starts to eat at me worse than the pain. I got up this morning tired, stiff and definitely broken from yesterday’s events, pulled on my dead lift shoes which admittedly was quite uncomfortable, did all my working rep sets and then worked up to just over a 90% single. I even set several pr’s in some other accessory lifts. It hurts really bad and I can’t walk without a limp, but I will smile through it all because I overcame and concurred. A way stronger feeling for sure. Thanks for reading and enjoy the photo. The purple and yellow start to fade the closer to the ankle they get. AWESOME! The photo does it no justice at all. It’s so much cooler looking in person!

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