More frequency and voume in your training

cheesypoofsMy thoughts on the recent trend of upping your training frequency and or volume for increased performance are, as usual, the opposite of the masses. Let’s talk about the squat where frequency and volume are concerned. I read and hear a lot about how squatting multiple times a week or even as much as every day can and probably will increase your strength. I also read and hear that in order to maintain your ability to hold tight form or “grease the groove” as they say, you must squat at least multiple times a week. Well I disagree. That’s all just a bunch of nonsense.

     Let’s use my squat workout from this morning as an example. I squat once a week with my current programming. I don’t ever squat light weights for high reps in my working sets because I’m always trying to get stronger and work my form. Less weight for higher reps, also a modern trend, doesn’t work for drug free people who are trying to attain maximum strength. It seems to work great until you try and shoot a heavy single guesstimated off your multiple rep set and get stapled to the bench or the pins. In all seriousness, what does high rep training do for the seeker of maximum strength or size? It sets you up for failure.

     If you are drug free and want to be really strong, you must also train your central nervous system (cns) to take the load of the heavy weights. Back to my squat. I wasn’t able to train anything for several weeks due to some serious personal issues that ended up with me losing about four real pounds of body weight and riding a 102+ fever for several days. My last squat workout was on new years eve. Three weeks later, today I head down to the basement gym hoping to come close to the last workouts numbers. I went through my standard warm up sets and everything went fine. I decided that I would drop my first working set by ten pounds just to be safe. After three weeks off, being very sick, and losing real body weight, I smoked that set with perfect form. I then proceeded to raise the rest of my working sets back to where they should have been and completed all of them with flying colors.

     How could that possibly be? You can’t squat once every three weeks and keep that groove greased. Surely I must have lost at least 20% of my max. I’m goin with a big fat NOPE! Like I said earlier, I prefer to squat every week. I always try to get a minimum of once every two weeks for the squat but sometimes life changes things for us. My squat form stays tight and “greased” because I perform every rep with as perfect form as I can. I focus and pay attention to all of my mental cues and video many of my lifts. Under normal conditions my squat strength steadily increases even if I only work it every other week. My body is happy and healthy. I don’t get injured. I have no aches or pains. My training is never stagnant and I am always ready and excited to squat again.

     The take home point is simple. Less can be more if you let it. Lots of frequency and or volume may work for some people for a while. Eventually it will catch up with you. You might start to lose strength. You may find yourself injured. You may just burn out all together, quit training and take up high volume napping and eating cheesy poofs. Some people may get away with working the same movement way too much or too often, but if you are truly drug free and you are working on getting to your maximum potential, then give your body plenty of time to recover, fuel it properly, and when you hit it, hit it hard.

Push Harder.


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  2. Superb infoomatirn here, ol’e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.

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