Walk Your Walk

smorr14It’s extremely easy to go through life spewing spineless, hollow opinions and viewpoints to the world. You know what I mean. We see it everyday. I could give examples all day. Let’s generically call it not walking the walk. Maybe I’m talking about you. Maybe not, but you definitely know someone like this. My guess is that many if not most of the people you deal with on a daily basis have a tendency to fail A LOT at living up to the words that fall out of their mouths. That’s the modern day world we live in. More yap than action seems to be a common denominator among humans today.

You don’t have to live like that. I refuse to live like that. I make a conscious effort everyday to walk my walk. I associate with people that share personal beliefs and morals like mine instead of just aimlessly wandering the planet vomiting yap and hypocrisy.  This is an easy adjustment to make. Okay, this is an easy adjustment for someone who is focused and that lives a 19th century alpha lifestyle. For those people who just like to hear their own voice cackle, this can be a good size hurdle. There is more to this than just making that decision and “becoming the ball”. Living every day in a specific way with a personal agenda takes a lot of effort if it’s not really what you believe is truth. If you truly believe in what it is that guides your daily decisions, life is a lot easier. Hey, I didn’t say easy. I said easier. Some days will be a battle no matter what you do. That’s life. It can be rough. Some times even the strongest slip. Every one of us slips every now and then. It’s how you move forward that matters.

We are all human. We will all slip and we will all fall sometimes. Do you have the stones to stand up and move on. Will you be able to admit your errors, drop your pride, and apologize if you drag someone else down with you by mistake? I’ll tell you one thing for sure. I don’t like to apologize. It’s not the apology itself that I dislike. It’s the fact that I have done something that requires an apology at all that bothers me. Let’s cover that quickly. I won’t throw an apology out there to be politically correct. I don’t apologize to people who mumble or don’t speak clearly just because I don’t understand them. That’s ridiculous. However, if I find myself having a weak moment and catch myself, then as a man who truly strives to walks my walk I must right my wrong. It will eat at me until I do as I take great pride in my character.


Here is an example of a slip I had the weekend after Thanksgiving. My wife and I met up with one of my brothers and a couple other buddies to do some pretty serious four wheeling. My brother and I don’t hang out too often. We are both very much alpha personalities so sometimes we collide for a while when we get together. It always works out in the end. My brother was driving the same buggy he’s been wheeling for at least half a decade. He is very comfortable driving it and had been to this area before. Our buddy was driving a truck new to him and I had just traded my jeep for a different one that I had not driven either. We let my brother lead the way and he took us up some pretty tough trails without discussing it with anyone. He didn’t even bother to wait and make sure we were doing okay or if we needed help. Following him took our buddy into a creek bed where he found himself flipped over on his side, in a very violent manner without any way to get out after dark. Good times. On day two we completely lost track of my brother trying to keep up with him. I’m getting fairly bitchy at this point and pretty tired of chasing my brother through crap I wasn’t prepared for. So we come to a trail that is nothing but a giant field of boulders running down hill through a washout. I find myself about half way down the trail stuck on a boulder as tall as one of my 38 inch tires and about 5 feet long. I’m wedged and pissed because there was no one there to spot me through this trail. I catch up to my brother at the bottom of the trail. We exchange some thoughts and we all take a breath as we ended up at a large open area where four or five trails meet up. We all watch some other wheelers come and go and then it hits me.

I’ve been frustrated and borderline angry for a day and a half because I decided that I wasn’t being treated fairly. What kind of crap had I been lying to myself about? Let’s break that down. I followed my brother through all those trails because I chose to. My choice, my fault. My brother didn’t stop to wait on anyone because he wasn’t being paid and was not contractually obligated to. Some people might say that it would have been common courtesy. That’s perspective and opinion. I believe that no one person on this planet owes me anything except my wife. She and I are partners in this world and we both acknowledge that fact. We all went to that four wheeling park by our own choice. We all chose to follow my brother. Was following him a poor decision? I say that is irrelevant. Following anyone through anything that you know nothing about in this life without a contract can be blamed only on yourself. What did I do when I screwed my head back on correctly realizing my frustration was personally based? I apologized for my crankiness to my wife, as she had to listen to it riding shotgun. I also apologized to my brother and had a great time the rest of the weekend. My wife also located a map so we didn’t blindly follow anyone the rest of the weekend. The point of it all is simple.

You do not have to go through this life as an unfocused, babbling, whiny, life sucking unhappy person with no integrity to yourself or anyone else. People like that bring others around them down. Many times just so they have others to wallow around with. Don’t associate with people like that. Walk your walk! Be a strong willed human being. Carry yourself everyday with pride for all the right reasons. Be extremely conscientious to be good to others around you. If you slip, then make it right. Live and breathe the principles of the 19th Century Alpha and life can be great if you let it.


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